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What Did We Do In The Last 3 Years?

As the HeliCo Team, we deeply believe in development, dynamism, and the power of progress. While considering our development, we also want to share some good news with you. In line with this purpose, we started to prepare “News from HeliCo” articles with our team a while ago. Thanks to these articles, we will be able to clearly explain the services that we provide and the events that we actively take place in addition to staying in touch with you.

In this article, we will inform you about the HeliCo Team, developments in our services, areas of expertise, languages that we offer services, and events that we attend.

Our Expert Team

As of 2023, we have made arrangements for some roles in our team, thus clarifying the roles of our team members:

  • We assigned our most experienced project managers as project coordinators.

  • Over the past years, we have already created a Quality Assurance (QA) Team that we would like to include an additional eligible lead linguist. In this team, we included full-time lead linguists with advanced knowledge of English, German, French, and Turkish languages. Thus, we created a space for our lead linguists where they can carry out studies to improve the quality of the work coming out of HeliCo when necessary, and where the services provided at HeliCo are not limited to the languages they know.

  • Our Editorial Team has finished preparing written procedures on every issue that they started in early 2021. We finalized and started using these procedure files related to all works carried out daily or periodically at HeliCo.

  • In the last 3 years, we attended many events.

2020-2023 SlatorCon Remote Etkinlikleri

2020-2023 Remote and Hybrid GALA Events

2021-2023 Remote LocWorld Events

  • In January 2023, we restructured our organization by reinforcing the connection among our Freelancer Team, Project Coordinators, Project Managers, and Lead Linguists.

  • In 2023, we published HeliCo Global, where we introduced our high-quality interpreting services and facilitated the process of obtaining interpretation services.

Our Services, Languages, and Expertise Areas

We are happy to be able to deliver our services to a wider audience over the years and to strengthen our connections. In this section, we would like to share with you the latest developments in our services, about the languages and areas of expertise that we offer service.

  • As of 2020, we have diversified the languages we serve and classified these languages according to the regions where they are spoken.

  • We have started to offer services in Swedish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Slovak, and Irish and completed high-volume projects in these languages.

  • We have completed different projects in Tagalog, Malay, and Indonesian from the Austronesian language family, and in Japanese, Mongolian, and Malay languages from Asian languages.

  • While we mostly offer services in e-commerce, marketing, medicine, and tourism in our projects in Indo-European languages, we have also provided support in the fields of technical, software and hardware, e-commerce, marketing, security, and safety in our projects in Asian languages.

  • With our expert team, we offer remote simultaneous interpretation service (RSI) to our customers at different times of the year at different volumes. To offer the best simultaneous interpretation service, we partnered with our customers in 30 different events in a month, together with simultaneous interpreters living all over the world, with whom we went through a gradual recruitment process.

  • We increased the number of language pairs to 20 that we offer for remote simultaneous interpretation. As of 2022, we started to offer services in Asian languages such as French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Romanian as well as Bengali.

  • Between 2021 and 2022, we provided remote simultaneous interpreting services in approximately 20 languages for over 100 events.

Events That We Have Attended

The events of 2022 have been a period of transition and innovation for the HeliCo Team. Some events were held in a remote format, while others were organized as hybrid events (both remote and onsite events at the same time).

HeliCo participated in LocWorld, GALA, SlatorCon, Elia, and LocFromHome events held in the first half of 2022. Thus, together with our team, we followed the developments in the sector and announced the developments in HeliCo Translation and Interpretation to the other stakeholders of the sector.

In this article, we have mentioned the services that we offer by always aiming to provide the best, and we also shared what we did in the previous months and which steps we took in 2023. Additionally, we also provided you with detailed information about our services, areas of expertise, languages that we serve, and events we attended.

We hope to take many new and effective steps to mention in our next article!


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