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What Is Interpretation Equipment and Where to Use It?

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Essential Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

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When it comes to meetings and events that require simultaneous interpretation, you'll need the right equipment to ensure a smooth communication experience. This includes digital or analog devices, sound-insulated interpretation booths, receivers, and various microphones such as handheld, lapel, gooseneck, and delegate microphones. You can easily access this equipment through our interpretation equipment rental service, which is designed to cater to events like product launch meetings, press conferences, opening events, international and internal training events, and more.


At HeliCo, we strive to meet international standards by providing diligent and high-quality simultaneous interpretation equipment. With our Bosch and Sennheiser equipment and a team of expert interpreters, Interpretation Coordinators, and knowledgeable technicians, you can trust that your events will be conducted professionally.



In addition to simultaneous interpretation equipment, we also offer tour guide systems. These compact devices, smaller than a cell phone, enable the simultaneous interpreter to listen to the speaker through a headset connected to the device. The interpreter can then interpret the message either by speaking into the device or into a microphone integrated with the headset. The audience can easily listen to the simultaneous interpretation through headphones connected to the devices they receive. This info port tour guide device is commonly used for factory visits, fair visits, and organized trips for various purposes.

Interpretation Coordinators play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your event. When you rent interpretation equipment for on-site events, our coordinators handle the following responsibilities:

  • Ensuring timely arrival and performance of interpreters and technicians,

  • Setting up the interpretation equipment at the designated location,

  • Continuously monitoring the seamless operation of interpreters and equipment,

  • Addressing any unforeseen needs that may arise,

  • Resolving technical issues promptly to avoid disruptions during the event.


We understand the importance of preparation, so if your event starts in the morning, we complete the equipment setup and testing the day before. For afternoon events, we make the necessary technical preparations on the same day. This ensures that you can focus on your event with peace of mind, knowing that your interpretation requirements are well taken care of and that simultaneous interpretation will be provided smoothly without any problems.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment encompasses a range of tools and devices used by interpreters to transmit spoken messages in real time. The equipment includes:

  • ​Interpretation Booth of ISO 4043-2016 Standard

Our soundproof interpreting booths comply with ISO 4043-2016 standards. They are equipped with air ventilation, provide ample space for two interpreters, and feature a dedicated working table for the interpreter console. These booths enable interpreters to deliver accurate interpretation over extended periods and ensure that the sound is contained within the booth, allowing only those who wish to listen to the interpretation to do so.

  • ​Interpreter Console with 2 Microphones and 2 Headsets (DCN‑IDESK Interpreter Desk)

Interpreter consoles, such as the DCN-IDESK, are essential tools in the interpretation process. Interpreters rely on these consoles to hear the speaker's message through connected headsets and convey their interpretations using the in-built microphone. Through interpreter consoles, interpreters ensure effective communication by relaying their interpretations to the receivers used by participants. The consoles also provide additional functionalities, allowing interpreters to mute/unmute themselves and change channels to determine through which channels they are heard by participants. Without interpreter consoles, simultaneous interpretation would not be possible.

  • Central Control Unit (Bosch DCN‑CCU2 CCU Device)

The central control unit (CCU) is a vital component of a simultaneous interpretation system, serving as the central hub connecting all system components. It enables technicians to have precise control over the sound quality and volume of the audio signal from the source language, as well as the microphone and headset settings. Additionally, the CCU facilitates the management of wired and wireless delegate microphones, simultaneous interpretation distribution, and voting sessions. It offers advanced functionality when paired with a PC, allowing users to access various software modules for enhanced conference control and monitoring. In the event of a PC failure, the CCU seamlessly transitions to stand-alone operation mode, ensuring uninterrupted conference proceedings.

  • Transmitter (Bosch INT-TX08 Transmitter for 8 Languages)

A transmitter is an essential component of simultaneous interpretation equipment used to wirelessly transmit the audio signal from the speaker to the simultaneous interpretation booth. It functions by accepting analog or digital input, modulating these signals onto carrier waves, and transmitting them to the radiators positioned within the room. The transmitter is typically connected to the speaker's microphone, enabling the wireless transmission of the audio signal to the interpreters' receivers. These receivers, in turn, are connected to the interpreters' headsets, allowing them to receive the audio signal and provide simultaneous interpretation.

  • Radiator (Bosch LBB4512/00 Radiator)

A radiator is an essential component of the simultaneous interpretation system, typically positioned at an elevated location near other interpreting equipment. Its purpose is to transmit infrared signals throughout the conference venue. By doing so, it enables participants to listen to the simultaneous interpreters using personal pocket receivers equipped with earphones. The radiator plays a vital role in ensuring clear and reliable transmission of the interpreted content, facilitating effective communication for all attendees.

  • Receiver with Headset (Bosch LBB4540/08 Pocket Receiver for 8 Languages)

Our technicians distribute pocket receivers to participants for them to conveniently listen to the interpretation at your event. We ensure an exact match between the number of receivers and the participants requiring interpretation. Each receiver corresponds to the number of language channels dedicated to your event, enabling participants to select their preferred language channel and enjoy the interpretation. Designed with user comfort in mind, these receivers are ergonomically crafted to provide a pleasant experience during interpretation sessions. Powered by cutting-edge electronics technology, including a specially designed IC, they deliver exceptional performance and boast a long battery life for uninterrupted usage. These versatile devices play a crucial role in ensuring that simultaneous interpreters' voices are accurately transmitted to the listeners. With our reliable Bosch pocket receivers, we provide high-quality equipment that promotes seamless communication and enhances the interpretation experience at your event.

  • Sound System Consisting of Speakers and a Mixer

Experience flawless on-site simultaneous interpreting services with our comprehensive sound system. Tailored to meet your specific needs, our equipment lineup includes a top-notch speaker, a versatile mixer, and a high-quality microphone. We offer a wide range of options to accommodate various conference or meeting room sizes, ensuring seamless communication regardless of the number of participants or their table and chair arrangement. With customizable solutions for interpretation booths and associated equipment, we guarantee a seamless and immersive interpreting experience. Trust us to provide the perfect sound system that precisely matches your requirements, creating an impactful and engaging environment for your event.

  • Wireless Handheld Microphone (Sennheiser D-6000 Wireless Handheld Microphone)

Experience the freedom of movement with the Sennheiser D-6000, a state-of-the-art wireless handheld microphone. This cutting-edge device enables participants to effortlessly transmit their voice wirelessly to the sound system or directly to interpreters’ headsets, ensuring crystal-clear audio quality for the best interpretation and conference experience.

  • Lapel Microphone (Bosch DICENTIS Wireless DCNM-WDE 4.3" Touch Display with Long Neck Microphone)

For small meetings and intimate settings, our Bosch DICENTIS wireless system delivers exceptional performance. The DCNM-WDE 4.3" touch display, combined with the long neck microphone, provides seamless communication in a compact and sleek design. This wireless lapel microphone can be discreetly attached to the speaker's collar, guaranteeing clear and reliable sound transmission.

  • Table/Delegate Microphone (Bosch DICENTIS WAP Delegate Microphone)

Ideal for round table arrangements and larger gatherings, our Bosch DICENTIS WAP microphones ensure efficient communication among participants on the floor. With the ability to connect multiple table/delegate microphones, this sophisticated device allows up to three individuals to engage in discussions at each table. As the number of participants grows, additional table/delegate microphones can be rented to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Tour Guide System

Elevate multilingual communication at your guided tours with our advanced tour guide system. This wireless communication solution enables seamless interaction between tour guides and their audience in multiple languages by means of interpreters. Our system comprises a wireless transmitter worn by the guide and the interpreter/s as well as wireless receivers worn by the listeners. By speaking into the microphone, the speaker’s voice is effortlessly transmitted wirelessly to the receivers, ensuring crystal-clear audio for an immersive experience. Experience unparalleled communication and connectivity on your tours with our cutting-edge tour guide system, providing a seamless and engaging communication experience for your guests to maintain mobility.

  • Camera for Hybrid Events

At our hybrid events, we leverage the power of cameras to enhance interpretation services and ensure seamless communication between participants. By strategically placing cameras throughout the event venue, we capture the speaker's gestures, facial expressions, and body language, providing crucial visual context to remote participants. Our skilled interpreters, either remote or on-site as per your requirements, utilize these camera feeds to deliver accurate and real-time interpretations in multiple languages. Whether participants are joining remotely or on-site, they can engage fully in the event by accessing the live-streaming platform, where they can see the speaker and the interpreter simultaneously. This integration of cameras and interpretation technology enables us to bridge language barriers and create a truly immersive and inclusive experience for all attendees, regardless of their location.

  • Other Equipment

Enhance your on-site simultaneous interpreting process with our comprehensive range of rental equipment. From high-performance laptops to state-of-the-art projector devices, crystal-clear projection screens, and cutting-edge TVs, we have everything you need for a hassle-free event. Our top-quality equipment ensures seamless communication and captivating visual displays, allowing you to create impactful presentations and engage your audience effectively. Renting from us guarantees reliability, convenience, and the latest technology, enabling you to deliver a flawless interpretation experience.​

You may contact us for the best interpreting equipment in line with your requirements. At HeliCo, we can guide and offer you a wide range of equipment suitable for any type of event, whether it's hybrid, remote, or on-site!



To make events ideal for speakers, audiences, simultaneous interpreters, and attendees where the simultaneous interpretation service will be provided, we support you with our simultaneous interpretation equipment up to ISO standards. You can get in touch with us to know exactly what kind of equipment you'll need by informing us about the details of your event. To give you the best service possible, we would be happy to guide you through our knowledgeable team. For this, we invite you to either fill in the quote request form or contact us via e-mail.

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Can you provide both wired and wireless interpretation equipment for our event?

How many sound-insulated booths do we need for our conference, and can you provide them?

What is the rental cost for interpretation equipment, and are there any additional fees to consider?

How far in advance do we need to book interpretation equipment for our event?

Can you provide technical support and on-site assistance during the event if we encounter any issues with the equipment?

Can you provide training for our team on how to use the interpretation equipment before the event?

What is the process for returning the rental equipment after the event, and are there any specific requirements or conditions?



Have simultaneous interpretation at your physical events.


Consecutive interpreters don't always have to stand next to you.


Use any meeting tool of your preference and we will just plug in the interpretation. Even consider having hybrid events.


Show your videos to your audience in a different language.

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