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We know how to select and work with the best interpreters in the world.

What's more, we know how to make communication at your events look professional.

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MULTILINGUAL ınterpretatıon
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What Is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?

How Is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Performed?

When Is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Needed?

What Equipment Do Remote Simultaneous Interpreters Need?

What Does An Interpretation Coordinator Do?

What Are The Advantages of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?

How Do I Get Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Service?

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is the service of interpreting speeches given during any conferences or meetings from a source language to a target language in a real-time and online environment. In this way, the speeches given at such events are efficiently delivered to all participants who speak different languages. Remote simultaneous interpretation service makes dialogues between participants of online events flow naturally without interruption.