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What Is Remote Consecutive Interpreting?

How Is Remote Consecutive Interpreting Performed?

When Is Remote Consecutive Interpreting Needed?

What Equipment Do Remote Consecutive Interpreters Need?

What Does An Interpretation Coordinator Do?

What Is The Difference between Remote Consecutive and Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?

How Do I Get Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Service?

Remote consecutive interpreting (RCI) is the transfer of a speech in an online environment from a source language to a target language consecutively and in parts. The reason why this type of interpretation is called consecutive is that speech and its interpretation don’t happen at the same time.


In consecutive interpreting, ideally, the speaker says 3-4 sentences and stops speaking so that the interpreter can interpret what has been just said to engage the attention of listeners. When the interpreter completes interpreting that part, the speaker continues speaking. By this means, the interpreter and the speaker act as a team that works in harmony for the communication to flow naturally. Unlike the remote simultaneous interpreting service, the speech and the remote consecutive interpreting service are performed successively rather than simultaneously.

Remote consecutive interpreting may be needed in a variety of meeting types including:


  • One-on-one meetings,

  • Business meetings,

  • Workshops,

  • Training sessions,

  • Government meetings,

  • Teleconferences,

  • Video conferences,

  • Medical consultations.



Remote consecutive interpretation can be obtained at meetings and events to be held in virtual environments. When there is a need for consecutive interpretation services, consecutive interpreters attend the online meeting and provide remote interpreting on a given platform where the meeting is held. You can choose to use any platform that allows online meetings or ask us for help with the platform that you will use.

Regarding the equipment requirement for this type of interpretation service, consecutive interpreters use over-the-ear headphones with a built-in microphone to let them evaluate their voice level and to make sure that they are not shouting and speaking too silently. They also use an up-to-date computer to be able to use the latest meeting software as well as make sure to have a good connection speed.



In addition to interpreters, we also provide you with an Interpretation Coordinator to do the following:

  • To make sure that interpreters attend the event earlier than the event start time,

  • To check their sound and connection quality and fix any problems before the event,

  • To regulate handing-over times between interpreters,

  • To convey any messages from speakers or participants to interpreters and vice versa,

  • To ask interpreters to change virtual rooms and be in the correct meeting room at the correct time,

  • To make sure that the interpretation is coordinated smoothly throughout your event.


In remote consecutive interpretation, you have the option to use the online meeting software of your choice. This allows you to minimize your software costs and eliminate special software requirements. On the contrary, in remote simultaneous interpretation, there is a need to use software that can offer language channels or remote simultaneous interpretation platforms (RSI).

If you are unsure about whether to choose the remote consecutive interpretation or the remote simultaneous interpretation service, you had better look into your own needs and get support from us. Because each service has its own characteristics. Therefore, it is a matter of choice depending on the type of online event that you are planning. Read below to better understand if consecutive interpreting is fit for your needs.

Here are the pros of consecutive interpreting:


  • Cost-effective, since it requires less equipment and technical setup than simultaneous interpreting

  • No need for an online meeting platform that allows for simultaneous interpretation or an RSI platform

Here are the cons of consecutive interpreting:


  • Increases the event duration because speech and interpretation cannot take place at the same time

  • Less effective for large groups and not ideal for fast-paced or complex situations

You may benefit from considering remote simultaneous interpretation over remote consecutive interpretation in order to make better use of the time at large-scale conferences and seminars. However, in some cases, both services may be required at the same event. The remote simultaneous interpreting service and the remote consecutive interpreting service are used in different parts of your event depending on the agenda. Please mention that before your event and the HeliCo Team will gladly assist you with this.

Depending on your needs, you can benefit from our remote consecutive interpretation services at your online events. Fill in this form to get a quote for the best remote consecutive interpreting service from our experienced team that knows exactly what to do in any possible scenario at your online event. We additionally recommend you check this article to get thoroughly informed about remote consecutive interpreting.


Would you like to download Organizing Successful Remote Events with Interpretation? This guide was prepared with the knowledge and experience gained after successfully helping clients at thousands of remote events. Learn about all the best practices to succeed at your remote event!  


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Have simultaneous interpretation at your physical events.


Have consecutive interpretation for your important meetings.


Use any meeting tool of your preference and we will just plug in the interpretation. Even consider having hybrid events.


Show your videos to your audience in a different language.

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