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We Find Inspiration in Every Challenge and Turn it into excellence in our services

Would you like to know who is behind this?

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Burcu Demirörs


CEO and Co-Founder

Burcu, who started her career as a translator and simultaneous interpreter, is a CEO and co-founder at HeliCo. She manages the corporate structure, sets new goals and strategies, and oversees the implementation of the current ones. She places great importance on combining automation and the human touch to produce exceptional work.

Rasim Esen


Operations and Finance Manager

Rasim, in addition to being the Operations and Finance Manager at HeliCo, is also one of the co-founders. He assumes responsibilities such as directing operations and profitability, ensuring compliance with service standards in line with annual company strategies. He has a solution-oriented approach.

Göksun Kocagöz


Project Coordinator

Göksun serves as a Project Coordinator at HeliCo, but in addition to coordination, he is also the team's technology expert. He is responsible for managing accounts and the project management team, as well as assisting the project management team in handling challenging projects. He has a results-oriented nature and never leaves any issues unresolved.

Özlem Gerguş


Project Coordinator

Özlem, a Project Coordinator at HeliCo, oversees account management and leads the Project Management team under her responsibility. With her proactive approach and strong work ethic, she excels at planning and executing projects with precision. As a valuable asset to HeliCo, Özlem is also known for her expertise in creating precise quotes for various complex requests.

Cansu Akyol


Project Manager

Cansu, a Project Manager at HeliCo, is responsible for managing projects and facilitating seamless communication between clients, the in-house Quality Assurance Team, and the project-based translator team. Her structured approach to work and her exceptional organizational skills set her apart, as she smoothly manages projects.

Simay Girgin


Project Manager

Simay, a Project Manager at HeliCo, handles the end-to-end management of projects, from their initiation to successful completion. With her strong interpersonal skills, she excels in building and nurturing relationships with clients and team members. Simay's commitment to delivering her responsibilities to the best of her abilities is evident in her work, ensuring the successful execution of projects.

Süleyman Burçakoğlu


Project Manager

Since joining HeliCo, Süleyman has played a crucial role as a Project Manager, fostering strong bonds between our clients, Lead Linguists, and freelancers. He not only values the work rhythm and daily well-being of everyone involved and also utilizes his expertise in the Japanese culture to establish seamless communications. By using his creativity in finding solutions, Süleyman ensures smooth collaboration and successful project outcomes.

Zeliha Akgün


Lead Linguist

Zeliha, Lead Linguist at HeliCo, is a valuable member of the Quality Assurance Team. She plays a key role in ensuring the quality of deliverables through thorough revisions, spot-checks, and overall quality controls. With her unwavering dedication, she continuously enhances the skills and performance of our linguistic team. Zeliha is known for her meticulous attention to detail specifically in marketing texts and possesses exceptional proficiency in German, English, and Turkish languages.

Tayfun_Lead Linguist at HeliCo Translation.jpg


Lead Linguist

Tayfun serves as a Lead Linguist at HeliCo and provides guidance for our linguistic team, ensuring compliance with individual project guidelines. He is a skilled navigator of language, guiding words like a pilot or captain. He considers himself fortunate to be part of the translation profession, as it enriches both knowledge and cultural intellect. He enjoys delving specifically into technical texts, finding joy in exploring the intricacies of the languages of German, English, and Turkish.

Berkay_Lead Linguist at HeliCo Translation.jpg


Lead Linguist

Berkay, a Lead Linguist at HeliCo, is known for his expertise in automotive translations and game localizations. He approaches every task with unwavering determination and a curious mindset, striving to overcome challenges. His witty personality brings a cheerful atmosphere to those around him, adding a touch of brightness to the environment. He possesses exceptional proficiency in German, English, and Turkish languages.

Denizsu_Vendor Manager


Vendor Manager

Denizsu reaches out to linguists according to HeliCo’s needs and acts as an Interpretation Coordinator for simultaneous interpretation events. She recognizes the value of linguists’ work and expertise in helping them see the world from a broader perspective, so she considers it in her communications with them.

Emel N. Gedik.jpg


Business Development Manager

Emel, Business Development Manager at HeliCo, began her career as a translator and sales specialist. She oversees our relationships with both current and new clients. Her strong analysis, planning, and interpersonal skills enable her to establish and maintain strong relationships with our clients.

Gamze Korkmaz


Editorial Manager

Gamze is responsible for overseeing various tasks including data collection, document creation, developing SEO-friendly websites, and preparing engaging social media posts. With a strong belief in the power of hard work, she consistently strives to deliver her best. In addition to her managerial responsibilities, she finds immense joy in the creative process of designing.


Business Development Manager

Job Location: Remote

Job Type: Full-time

Project Manager

Job Location: Remote

Job Type: Full-time

Finance Manager

Job Location: Remote

Job Type: Full-time

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