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Interpretation at Hybrid Events

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What Is a Hybrid Event?

Understand Your Needs for Hybrid Events

Why Prefer Hybrid Events instead of Conventional Events?

How Is Remote Interpretation Performed
at Hybrid Events?

What Are the Advantages of Remote Interpretation at Hybrid Events?

What Does an Interpretation Coordinator Do in Case of Hybrid Events?

How to Get Remote Interpretation Service at a Hybrid Event?

Thanks to the technology available, you don’t need to have all parties on-site for your events. You can decrease costs by keeping interpreters remote and you can even have speakers or participants remote, who wouldn’t be able to attend an event physically otherwise. At international hybrid events, you will have the opportunity to have our interpreters offer services remotely or have some participants participate in the event remotely or you can do both at the same time depending on your requirements. Thanks to hybrid events, it is now possible to offer both in-person and virtual event experiences simultaneously and attract more participants.




Before investing in an interpreting service, you'll need to take a thorough look at your specific needs for a hybrid event. First and foremost, evaluate what languages will be spoken during the event, learn how many interpreters you need, and whether your event venue is equipped with the right technical infrastructure. Knowing your requirements will help ensure that you choose the best solutions for your event with our help.

Now, you can feel free to offer your participants the opportunity to join remotely. There will always be more people who would like to join your events but are not able to due to being busy and lacking time, and here is your chance to win them, too. If you are not sure about how remote participants can join and listen to speeches or even give a speech if they want to, consult us to see which platforms we can offer you and which software we can connect together for you to create the best hybrid event experience for your participants.

Hybrid events are preferable in the following circumstances:

  • When in-person attendance is limited due to health and safety concerns,

  • To reach a wider audience who may not be able to attend in person,

  • To accommodate remote attendees who can join from anywhere with an internet connection,

  • To reduce travel costs for attendees,

  • To allow attendees to choose their preferred mode of participation,

  • To incorporate virtual elements such as virtual exhibitor booths or keynote speeches.


You can take advantage of remote interpretation services for hybrid events offered by qualified interpreters both for your participants on the site and remote attendees. Using a cloud-based remote interpreting system, our expert simultaneous interpreters transmit the speaker's message into the languages specified, ensuring that the message is completely interpreted into another language without interrupting the event. In order to experience error-free RSI service to be offered for hybrid events, there are 3 main steps to be followed:

  • Through a remote interpreting app that you will prefer out of all the options we will offer you, interpreters can work from anywhere in the world.

  • On-site delegates download the app and select their audio language.

  • Online attendees download the relevant app to hear real-time interpreting.



Virtual interpreting solutions provide a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure successful interpretation services for your hybrid events. These solutions typically involve connecting multiple interpreters from different locations to the event venue, which can help minimize costs while still providing top-quality interpreting results.


If you prefer interpretation at hybrid events, you won’t need to rent interpreting hardware and booths because video remote interpreting apps enable interpreters to work from anywhere in the world. In this way, remote interpreters can interpret by switching channels, handing over the interpretation to their virtual booth partner just as in on-site interpretation, and can even perform relay interpretation by hearing the interpretation by another remote interpreter.

Remote interpreting at hybrid events has its advantages as there is no need to have interpreters fly from another location, which would help reduce your carbon footprint and also any layers of the cost associated with interpreting at events. Just consider yourself as an interpreter and when you are done with your job, you can go back to your daily life. This surely allows you to receive interpretation services at rather affordable prices.

We make remote video interpreting at hybrid events possible by streaming audio with the use of AV equipment, microphones, and an audio mixing console as well as video with a video camera to the interpreters or remote attendees. When we stream this audio-visual data to an RSI (remote simultaneous interpreting) app which can be used by interpreters and remote attendees, we become interpreters’ and remote attendees’ eyes and ears in the room. By this means, interpreters can perform simultaneous interpreting services remotely as if they are at the venue. Then, the remote attendees as well as delegates on the site are able to listen to the simultaneous interpretation on their smartphones either using their or the event venue’s WiFi.

The listener interface of RSI apps is specifically designed user-friendly so that anyone with a smartphone can easily listen to the remote interpretation. This means that nothing changes for the delegates on the site when we compare on-site interpreting with remote interpreting. As a matter of fact, this all takes away the hassle of handing out receivers to all participants and expecting them to use an additional device and then return those devices when the event is finished. In our real-life experience, we always get feedback from hybrid event participants that using their own smartphones is easier than using receivers. This in fact affects your event positively.

We are able to successfully handle remote interpreting services thanks to the support from our Interpretation Coordinators. They ensure that everything, from the audio and video streaming equipment setup to the quality of the interpretation, is smooth and there is no problem during the interpretation process throughout your event.

When selecting an interpretation solution for your hybrid event, it’s important to take the time to analyze the cost-benefit aspects. Ask about each type of interpretation equipment that you would need at an on-site event and make sure to compare on-site interpretation and video remote interpretation regarding both the functionality and their financial impact. Think about the time and costs associated with interpreting equipment transportation and set-up. Once you get to consider all the factors, you will have a clear understanding of whether physical interpretation or remote interpretation for your physical event will work best for you. To gather all the information you need, don’t hesitate to send us a request form or request a meeting.


Would you like to download Interpretation Best Practices for Clients? This guide was prepared with the knowledge and experience gained after successfully helping clients at thousands of events. with interpreting services. Learn about all the best practices to succeed at your event!


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Have simultaneous interpretation at your physical events.


Consecutive interpreters don't always have to stand next to you.


Use any meeting tool of your preference and we will just plug in the interpretation. Even consider having hybrid events.


Show your videos to your audience in a different language.

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