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Consecutive Interpretation
Consecutive Interpretation

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What Is Consecutive Interpreting?

How Is Consecutive Interpreting Performed?

When Is Consecutive Interpreting Needed?

What Equipment Do Consecutive Interpreters Need?

What Does An Interpretation Coordinator Do?

What Is The Difference between Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation?

How Do I Get Consecutive Interpretation Service?

Consecutive interpreting (CI) is the process of conveying a verbal message to the target language in segments after the speaker finishes the speech and it is one of the most frequently preferred interpretation services coming after simultaneous interpretation.



The speaker says a few sentences and stops speaking to give the interpreter time to interpret what was just said. The interpreter performs consecutive interpreting between the source language and the target language in the interim. An expert consecutive interpreter, who generally uses headphones or a lapel or hand-held microphone as per your event’s circumstances and utilizes note-taking techniques while listening to the speaker to offer the ideal consecutive interpretation services.


Consecutive interpretation service is preferable at events with a speaker addressing numerous participants while no dialogue is expected between the speaker and participants or at meetings that are more of a smaller scale such as interviews, one-on-one meetings, business negotiations, small-scale workshops, and round-table discussions that often require human intervention. In the consecutive type of interpreting, one-way and/or two-way interpreting can be offered at business meetings, press conferences, seminars, or workshops based on the need.



Some of the important pieces of equipment for consecutive interpreters are a good pair of headphones with a built-in microphone or a type of microphone to be used as per the setting of your event. The headphones that are used at a remote type of event or at a big-scale on-site event with sound systems allow the conference interpreter to clearly hear the speaker without any distractions, which is critical for ensuring that they can accurately understand and interpret the speech. A hand-held or a lapel microphone that is used by professional interpreters at events where sound equipment is needed lets the interpretation be heard by all participants.


Other important pieces of equipment for consecutive interpreters are a notebook and a pen, or a tablet with a stylus. These allow the interpreter to take notes as the speaker is speaking, which they can then use to accurately interpret the speech once a small portion of the speech is completed. The notes can include keywords, phrases, or symbols to remind the interpreter of the content details and overall structure of the speech.


As with all our interpreting services, we provide you with an Interpretation Coordinator to offer you a hassle-free consecutive interpretation service to make interpretation services easier for you. Here are some responsibilities of our Interpretation Coordinators:

  • To make sure that interpreters attend the event earlier than the event start time,

  • To check sound quality and fix any technical problems with our technicians before the event,

  • To ensure that interpreters hand over smoothly,

  • To convey any messages from the speaker or participants to interpreters and vice versa,

  • To make sure that the interpreters appear at the right location at the right time as per the agenda,

  • To ensure that the interpretation, technicians as well as your dynamic needs are smoothly coordinated.


Let’s keep in mind that simultaneous and consecutive interpretation modes differ from each other. For example, while being near the speaker is important for consecutive interpreters, seeing the speaker and presentations (if any) is considerably more important for simultaneous interpreters.


Please be noted that the length of the meeting may extend due to the additional amount of time required for the consecutive mode of interpreting. If it is crucial for you not to extend your event duration due to interpretation, you can prefer simultaneous interpretation. We advise that you consider the timing while deciding between consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

For multilingual events, simultaneous interpreting is more suitable because they welcome participants speaking different languages. In this case, you might need to offer interpretation not only between two languages but also in three or more languages and this can be done thanks to simultaneous interpreters.


Another aspect to keep in mind is that while not all consecutive interpreters can offer simultaneous interpretation, all simultaneous interpreters can perform consecutive interpreting. Therefore, please inform us whether you need consecutive interpreting for your entire event or consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in different sections of your event. Depending on your request’s details, we choose professional interpreters experienced in either service to ensure that you receive the best interpretation service in the market.


Additionally, consecutive interpreting rates can be lower than simultaneous interpreting rates due to the complexity of services and the need for equipment. This makes consecutive interpreting preferable for brief or modest gatherings such as press conferences, business meetings, or legal proceedings like court proceedings.

Like those who have been collaborating with us for years, if you want to get the best consecutive interpretation service with ease of mind and decide on an interpretation agency now, we recommend you get further information either by reading our website or contacting us to ask your questions. If you are already sure about what you want, you can directly fill in the form and get a quick quotation!


Would you like to download Interpretation Best Practices for Clients? This guide was prepared with the knowledge and experience gained after successfully helping clients at thousands of events. with interpreting services. Learn about all the best practices to succeed at your event!


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Have simultaneous interpretation at your physical events.


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Use any meeting tool of your preference and we will just plug in the interpretation. Even consider having hybrid events.


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