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HeliCo Team Meeting

With the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, we closed our physical office, although we did not plan it before. This situation showed us that we did not have to appeal to people from only a single city in our search for full-time employees. Additionally, we realized that we could have the chance to develop our full-time team with competent and experienced people who can work from anywhere where the necessary office conditions are provided. As a result, the fact that we had previously worked in a different model required us to reshape the implementation of our intracompany procedures, inter-team communication, and harmonious teamwork. It has become more important for our full-time team members to come together from time to time and share with each other so that they can work harmoniously together. Therefore, we decided to organize team meetings (online or on-site) periodically.

Our team first came together in Antalya, one of the most magnificent cities in Turkey. We held our two-day team meeting event at the Ruin Adalia Hotel in Kaleiçi, Antalya. The hotel, which contains 287 works belonging to five different periods, excited us all. During the day, we had team photos taken by our professional photographers, who have been one of the solution partners of HeliCo Translation since 2017.

HeliCo Team

On the first day of our meeting, we talked about the past, and future of our company, the points we need to improve in our procedures, etc. and we held a lengthy meeting about the issues. After the meeting, we celebrated this beautiful meeting with a cake with photos of the people on our full-time team, and we made good wishes in order to achieve phenomenal success in the future.

HeliCo Translation and Interpretation

For dinner, we had a fine dining experience in Kaleiçi and enjoyed our fusion food. On this pleasant evening with nice conversations, we both talked about business and had the opportunity to get to know each other much better.

On the second day of our meeting, we left behind all the issues related to our business and started to explore the historical texture and beautiful nature of Antalya.

So, is that all? Of course not!

As the HeliCo Translation Team, we find it very valuable to talk about the workflow and have a good time with each other. Therefore, in addition to the Antalya meeting, we hold online meetings on Tuesdays every week on work-related issues that concern the entire team. We sometimes talk about an interesting topic to be determined by our meeting moderator that we have chosen only for that meeting. If we do not have any agenda topics for these meetings, we start the day by playing creative games and organizing fun competitions.

We know that working remotely is different from working in the office. For this reason, we often hold video and screen-sharing meetings within the team. We also believe that we can successfully simulate the in-office environment from afar with the activities that we have made and will do. With all of these elements, we can keep our team alive and dynamic.


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