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The Indispensable Role of an Interpretation Coordinator in Remote and On-site Interpretation Events

In the ever-evolving interpretation services, the position of an Interpretation Coordinator becomes pivotal for the smooth running of both remote and on-site interpretation events. Thus, we aim to underscore the diverse importance of an Interpretation Coordinator in this blog post, clarifying how their proficiency enhances outcomes and guarantees the flawless implementation of the interpretation process.

Professional Interpretation Services

The Pivotal Role of an Interpretation Coordinator

Events with interpretation, whether conducted remote or on-site, demand precision, coordination, and linguistic finesse. An Interpretation Coordinator acts as the orchestrator, synchronizing various elements to guarantee the success of events with consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

  1. Strategic Planning and Organization

In the process of planning remote or on-site events with interpretation, our Project Managers (PMs) and Interpretation Coordinators collaborate in the best way. While PMs are responsible for the overall planning and management of the project, our Interpretation Coordinator focuses more on technical details, ensuring smooth progress throughout the project. They coordinate with PMs to determine the technical requirements for on-site and remote events, such as which interpretation equipment to use and when to connect, and ensure that interpreters have the necessary technical infrastructure.

  1. Seamless Communication Facilitation

In events with professional interpretation services, effective communication lies at the core of success. Our Interpretation Coordinators ensure real-time communication between virtual or physical booth mates, technicians, and event organizers. This involves fostering a seamless flow of information to facilitate collaboration and understanding.

Moreover, the Interpretation Coordinator is adept at addressing technical issues promptly, preventing disruptions during the event. By proactively identifying and resolving challenges as they arise, our Coordinators contribute to the overall success of the interpretation event, maintaining a high standard of accuracy and clarity in language interpretation.

HeliCo Interpretation Services

  1. Interpretation Quality Assurance

At HeliCo, interpretation quality assurance is a team effort. Our interpreters go through a detailed selection process based on their language proficiency, prior experience, total hours of interpretation, and areas of expertise by our Vendor Managers. Following this, our VMs conduct interpretation tests via Zoom meetings, evaluating their interpretation capabilities. Then, our Project Managers carefully select the suitable interpreters for the event based on all the data from our Project Management System.

After PMs and VMs’ efforts, our Interpretation Coordinator is actively involved in overseeing the interpreters' performance, analyzing their approach to events, and handling client feedback. The Coordinator communicates acquired insights to PMs, who can then make informed decisions about whether to preferentially choose an interpreter for future events by adding comments and tags to the interpreter's profile in Protemos, our Project Management System. To ensure that interpreters have access to all necessary information, Coordinators verify whether all relevant materials, including reference materials and glossaries, have been provided to our interpreters.

  1. Technological Integration

One of the primary responsibilities involves coordinating the utilization of interpretation tools, equipment, and interpretation management software. The Interpretation Coordinator strategically employs these technologies and required interpretation equipment to enhance efficiency in the interpretation process, facilitating a smoother and more streamlined workflow.

Moreover, the Coordinator is experienced in technical troubleshooting, swiftly addressing any issues that may arise during on-site or remote events with interpretation. They ensure a prompt resolution to technical challenges by not letting this affect the flow of your event. In essence, their role extends beyond language coordination to encompass the effective harnessing of technology, optimizing the interpretation environment for optimal results.

  1. Post-Event Analysis and Feedback for Continuous Improvement

The role of an Interpretation Coordinator extends beyond the event itself. They are also a crucial part of the post-event phase for continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

Gathering client and interpreter feedback is one of their main responsibilities. Through obtaining perspectives from these interested parties, our Interpretation Coordinators identify strong points and areas for improvement, creating an environment of continuous learning and progress within our team.

Performance evaluation is another integral aspect of the Coordinator's post-event duties. This evaluation encompasses an overall assessment of the event's success, taking into account factors such as linguistic accuracy, timeliness, and client satisfaction. Through a comprehensive review process, the Interpretation Coordinator contributes to refining future events, ensuring they meet and exceed the expectations of all parties involved.

Elevate Your Events with Our Interpretation Coordinators!

In conclusion, the role of an Interpretation Coordinator is indispensable in both remote and on-site interpretation events. Their ability to strategize, communicate effectively, ensure quality, navigate technology, and maintain cultural sensitivity contributes significantly to the success of these events. Thanks to them, you may enhance the effectiveness of your events with interpretation by recognizing and leveraging the expertise of an Interpretation Coordinator.

You may contact us for further information about our remote or on-site consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services. In addition to English interpreters, we are also ready to provide skilled interpreters and technicians in different languages and countries! You may check the “Languages” page to see the languages that we offer services.


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