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The Best Conditions for Simultaneous Interpreters at On-site Events

Everyone expects the best service, and this is especially true when it comes to simultaneous interpreting, where top-notch quality is essential. So, how can we ensure the highest quality of interpreting? By creating the most suitable environment for simultaneous interpreters!

How Does Simultaneous Interpreting Work?

Simultaneous interpreting involves conveying the message from the source language to the target language in real time. Here are the steps to ensure successful on-site simultaneous interpretation:

  • Preparation: Thorough preparation is crucial. Our interpreters familiarize themselves with the topics to be discussed, research technical vocabulary or jargon, and prepare a glossary of key terms.

  • Equipment: Interpreters require high-quality interpretation equipment, including soundproof booths, headphones, microphones, and interpretation consoles. It's essential to ensure interpreters are provided with the right equipment and thorough testing is performed before the session begins. At HeliCo, our dedicated technicians and Interpretation Coordinators are responsible for the set-up and testing processes.

  • Interpretation: As the speaker delivers their message, interpreters start conveying it in the target language. They work for accurate and clear communication while maintaining the speaker's tone and style.

  • Adaptation: Interpreters in our pool are skilled in adapting to challenges that may arise, such as speakers with heavy accents or technical difficulties with the equipment.

  • Continuous Improvement: After the session, it's valuable to review the interpreter performance, identifying areas for improvement. Encouraging ongoing skill development ensures interpreters become more effective over time. We ensure continuous improvement in our interpreters’ performance.

On-site Interpreting Services

What Kind of Environments Do Interpreters Work in?

Interpreters work in various environments depending on their specialization and the industry they serve. Here are some common environments where interpreters excel:

  • Conferences: Interpreters provide their services in conferences across diverse fields such as business, healthcare, politics, or entertainment. They facilitate communication among attendees speaking different languages.

  • Courts: Interpreters specialized in legal interpretation work in legal settings, including courts, where they bridge language gaps between defendants, witnesses, lawyers, and judges.

  • Medicine: Medical interpreters are capable of handling interpretations in medical fields requiring specialization in medical fields. Medical conferences and medical product launches are examples of settings where specialized medical interpreters are required.

  • Business: Interpreters contribute to the business world by facilitating communication between employees, clients, or business partners who speak different languages. This involves interpreting during meetings, negotiations, or presentations.

  • Government: Interpreters serve government agencies, providing interpretation services for diplomatic meetings, international conferences, and events involving foreign dignitaries.

Overall, simultaneous interpreters operate in diverse settings, spanning from traditional on-site events to remote work environments. They may work full-time or part-time, and their schedules can be flexible or rigid, depending on the nature of their assignments.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

How to Offer the Best Conditions for Simultaneous Interpreters at On-site Events?

Simultaneous interpreters play a pivotal role in ensuring multilingual events run smoothly, and it's essential to provide them with the best working conditions to ensure optimal performance. Here are some ways to create an ideal environment for simultaneous interpreters at on-site events:

  • Provide High-Quality Equipment: Provide top-of-the-line interpreting equipment such as correctly located soundproof booths, and interpretation consoles to interpreters as well as quality microphones and headsets to speakers to enable interpreters with crispy-clear sound from speakers. Thoroughly test the equipment before the event to prevent any technical issues. At HeliCo, our technicians and Interpretation Coordinators assist you in the setup process, guaranteeing seamless operation.

  • Offer Comfortable Working Spaces: Provide interpreters with comfortable and ergonomic interpreting booths equipped with adjustable chairs and desks, good lighting, and proper ventilation. It's crucial for interpreters to have a clear view of the speaker or presentation material, and the booths should be strategically located near the action.

  • Allow for Adequate Breaks: Simultaneous interpreting demands intense concentration and focus. To prevent burnout, ensure interpreters have sufficient break times by working for a maximum of 30 minutes in total without breaks and easy access to refreshments and snacks during these breaks.

  • Provide Relevant Information: Furnish interpreters with relevant information about the event, including the agenda, presentation material, and any technical or logistical details. This allows them to prepare adequately and familiarize themselves with the subject matter beforehand.

  • Work with Professional Interpreters: Work with an interpretation service provider that can guarantee to hire professional and experienced interpreters who are qualified in the relevant language pairs and possess subject matter expertise. This ensures interpreters can handle the complexities of simultaneous interpreting and provide high-quality interpretation services.

In conclusion, offering the best conditions for simultaneous interpreters at on-site events requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. By providing high-quality simultaneous interpreting equipment, comfortable working spaces, adequate breaks, relevant information, and working with professional interpreters, you can ensure that your event runs smoothly.

At HeliCo, we place great importance on delivering every job to the highest standards while prioritizing the comfort and readiness of our team members. Contact us today to discover our exceptional simultaneous interpreters, working under the best conditions, all driven by our company values.


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