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How HeliCo Ensures Event Organization and Coordination?

When it comes to organizing events, whether large-scale gatherings or private online meetings, meticulous planning and high-quality interpreting services are essential. At HeliCo, we prioritize every detail of your event, ensuring seamless organization and delivering premium interpretation services, whether your event is remote or on-site. Let's explore how we plan and coordinate the entire process to keep everything organized efficiently.

Guided by Our Core Values in Event Organization

In all our services, we uphold four core values during event organization:

  1. Productivity: We prioritize the quality of services, such as simultaneous interpretation, and the performance of our skilled interpreters.

  2. Passion: We exclusively collaborate with interpreters who possess the expertise and enjoy delivering simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services.

  3. Solutions: We offer diverse interpretation modes to accommodate your specific demands and needs. Additionally, we provide support through our simultaneous interpretation equipment.

  4. Quality: We continually strive to enhance our quality culture, adopting practices that remain up-to-date and protect the integrity of our services.

By combining these elements, we execute accurate planning at the right time, ensuring a successful event.

Premium Interpretation Services

Comprehensive Interpretation Solutions for On-Site and Remote Events

Our expert interpreter team offers various interpretation modes tailored to your specific event requirements. Whether your event is conducted remotely or on-site, and whether you need consecutive interpretation or simultaneous interpretation, we stand by your side. Upon contacting us, we determine the interpreting service you require and explain the solutions we can provide.

Our interpreters employ suitable techniques for different areas of expertise and working environments, ensuring a high standard of service. We assign interpreters who possess knowledge of the target language, accent, and industry, ensuring optimal interpretation services. Our assigned interpreters conduct thorough field research and terminology preparation to deliver quality interpretations.

Prioritizing Essential Elements for a Smooth Event Experience

Throughout the event organization process, we consider several fundamental elements:

  1. Planning the Interpretation Process: Our Project Coordinators, Project Managers, and Vendor Managers collaborate to design the interpretation process. They act as the primary point of contact between the interpretation team and your organization, ensuring the assignment of the most suitable simultaneous or consecutive interpreter with expertise in the specific language, accent, and sector. If simultaneous interpretation equipment is required, we offer the relevant equipment.

  2. Interpretation Coordination: Our Interpretation Coordinators ensure that interpreters and technicians arrive punctually at the venue, fulfill their responsibilities as expected, set up interpretation equipment at the appropriate locations, and continuously monitor the seamless operation of interpreters and equipment. They also address any unforeseen needs that may arise during the event.

  3. Technical Support: Our technicians conduct final checks on simultaneous interpretation equipment or preferred remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) platforms for remote events, guaranteeing smooth operation and reliable technical support throughout the event.

Find Remote Interpreters

Critical Steps in Event Planning

At HeliCo, when organizing your event with our interpretation services, we take significant steps to provide a hassle-free experience for you and your audience:

  1. Identifying the Event's Purpose and Target Audience: We work closely with you and our team to understand the purpose, goals, and target audience of your event. With these details in mind, we align the event planning with your strategic objectives and determine the most suitable interpretation service for your needs.

  2. Coordinating Our Team: We identify the key team members, including interpreters, Interpretation Coordinators, and technicians, who will be involved in the interpretation process from start to finish. With your approval, we coordinate our team members efficiently.

  3. Gathering Essential Documents and Details: We request necessary documents and relevant details from you, which we then forward to our interpreter team. This enables effective preparation and ensures our interpreters are well-equipped to deliver high-quality services.

Collaborate with Us!

If you're ready to plan your event and seek support from a leading interpretation service provider, HeliCo is here to assist you with our premium interpreting services and state-of-the-art interpreting equipment. To take the next step with us, you can contact us with a personalized email or fill out the request form.


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