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How Can You Boost Your Remote Interpreters' Performance?

Remote interpreters play a vital role in facilitating communication between individuals who speak different languages. They enable real-time communication, regardless of physical location. So, how can we motivate our remote interpreters while they provide such a critical service?

Remote Interpreters

How to Select a Qualified Remote Interpreter for an Event?

Selecting a qualified remote interpreter is essential to ensure accurate and effective communication between parties speaking different languages. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Identify the required languages for interpretation and ensure that the interpreters are fluent in those languages.

  2. Consider the type of interpretation needed: simultaneous or consecutive. Ensure that the interpreter is trained and experienced in the required type of interpretation.

  3. Check the interpreter's qualifications and credentials, including certifications, training, and education in interpretation. Look for interpreters accredited by trusted service providers.

  4. Seek interpreters with experience and expertise in the subject matter. For example, if you need an interpreter for a medical conference, look for one with remote medical interpretation experience.

  5. Request references and reviews from previous clients to evaluate the interpreter's performance and reliability.

  6. Evaluate the interpreter's communication skills, including clarity, tone, and speech speed, to ensure effective message conveyance.

  7. Assess the interpreter's technology skills, as remote interpretation often involves the use of technology. Consider their proficiency in using video conferencing platforms, messaging tools, and collaboration software.

By following these steps, you can select a qualified remote interpreter capable of facilitating effective communication between parties speaking different languages.

The Best Simultaneous Interpretation Services

How to Boost Your Remote Interpreters' Performance?

  1. Boosting the performance of remote interpreters can be challenging, but several strategies can improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some ways to enhance your remote interpreters' performance:

  2. Provide clear instructions: Ensure remote interpreters understand project requirements, deadlines, and client expectations. Give detailed instructions on accessing necessary resources such as glossaries, terminology databases, and style guides.

  3. Use appropriate technology: Utilize technology that enables seamless communication between remote interpreters and clients. Provide reliable and secure video conferencing software, messaging tools, and collaboration platforms that facilitate the remote interpreting process.

  4. Collaborate with trained interpreters: Hire trained and experienced remote interpreters proficient in the relevant languages and familiar with the subject matter by collaborating with a leading service provider. Ensure they have undergone rigorous training and possess the necessary certifications and credentials.

  5. Provide feedback: Offer feedback to remote interpreters to help them improve their skills and address any issues. Provide constructive criticism and encourage them to seek clarification in areas where they may struggle.

  6. Manage workloads: Ensure interpreters have sufficient time to complete assignments without compromising quality. Avoid overloading them with multiple assignments simultaneously or requiring long working hours that may lead to burnout.

  7. Encourage teamwork: Foster teamwork among remote interpreters to facilitate collaboration and idea sharing. Encourage communication and knowledge exchange to enhance overall performance.

  8. Provide support: Offer interpreters access to training programs, mentoring, and coaching to improve their skills and professional development in remote interpretation.

  9. Set clear expectations: Clearly communicate expectations regarding availability, performance, and communication. This helps interpreters prioritize work and manage their workload effectively.

Considering these elements, you can boost the performance of your remote interpreters, ensuring they provide high-quality interpreting services to your clients.

At HeliCo, we strive to offer the best remote interpreting services. We recognize that the service quality primarily relies on our interpreters. That's why we establish close relationships with our remote interpreters and continuously seek ways to motivate them.

If you're seeking quality remote interpretation services, contact us or get a quote from our dedicated team.


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