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Driving Success: How ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Empower HeliCo's Language Solutions

Since 2009, we have been at the forefront of quality management and language services at HeliCo. Key to our success is the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, which play a pivotal role in shaping the quality and reliability of the translation services that we provide.

Following these standards is crucial for us at HeliCo because it ensures that we can offer you top-notch translation services. When we meet these quality standards, this not only ensures that we present your text to your target audience in the best possible way, but also ensures that our translation services are of the highest quality in terms of accuracy.

Let's delve deeper into understanding the importance of quality standards for written services!

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 provides a framework for Quality Management Systems, enabling us to develop appropriate processes and procedures to continually ensure your satisfaction. At HeliCo, we utilize this standard to maximize satisfaction, emphasizing the need for continuous review and improvement of business processes. This ensures efficient management of our translation processes and consistently high-quality results.

ISO 9001 encompasses the following key areas:

  • Structural elements and terminology, including the integration of the Annex SL framework,

  • The broader internal and external context,

  • Detailed requirements of the QMS.

At HeliCo, we firmly believe in the principles of ISO 9001, which guide us into three main elements:

  • Continuous Improvement: It is at the core of our operations, as ISO 9001 encourages us to constantly evaluate our performance and refine our processes, resulting in error reduction, enhanced efficiency, and sustained customer satisfaction.

  • Client-Focused Approach: It is an important point for us as we strive not only to understand but also to surpass your expectations, with regular feedback assessment driving our efforts.

  • Certification: It is a key milestone for us, as ISO 9001 certification signifies our commitment to quality management, fostering trust among clients and stakeholders while bolstering our competitive edge in the market.

ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services

ISO 17100 is an international standard that defines quality requirements for professional translation services. This standard establishes specific procedures and guidelines to ensure the quality of translation services and enhance satisfaction. The key features of ISO 17100 include:

  • Translation Process: ISO 17100 defines specific steps and standards for the translation process. These steps include analysis of the source text, translation, revision, and final review in line with our Quality Assurance management steps. Each stage is carried out following specified quality criteria such as proofreading, review, spot-check, QA check, and LQA.

  • Expertise and Quality Control: ISO 17100 establishes expertise requirements to ensure the quality of translation services. Our translators' language skills and subject matter expertise are evaluated not only in the 3-stage recruitment process but also in our Vendor Evaluation Form in addition to evaluations made by our PCs, PMs, and VMs. As a result, quality control management is ensured at each stage of the translation process at HeliCo.

  • Certification and Reliability: ISO 17100 certification confirms that a translation service provider has a certified quality management system. Having and considering this standard in every step that we take, proves that our translation services are reliable at HeliCo.

By adopting these standards, HeliCo ensures consistency, accuracy, and reliability in translation processes. Quality assurance steps are employed at every stage of the translation process, our expert linguists, especially our Lead Linguists, evaluate translations for language proficiency and subject matter expertise.

In conclusion, HeliCo's commitment to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards underscores its unwavering dedication to excellence in written services. By embracing these internationally recognized benchmarks, HeliCo not only ensures the highest quality and accuracy in its offerings but also reinforces trust and confidence among its clientele. As HeliCo continues to prioritize quality assurance and effective communication, it remains poised for sustained success and growth in the dynamic marketplace.


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