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Position Title: Translation Project Manager

Type of Position: Full-time
Work Location: Remote
Working Hours: 9:30 am-6:30 pm, weekdays
Preferred Nationality: Turkish (a strict requirement)
Preferred Country of Residency: Türkiye (a strict requirement)
Spoken Languages: Turkish and English (also being able to speak German will set you apart)
The Urgency to Fill This Position: Not urgent
Deadline for Application: None

About Us

The Qualifications and Expectations

The Roles and Responsibilities

The Opportunities We Offer

The Process After Starting to Work Together

Answers to Questions from the Previous Applicants

To All Applicants

We are a language service provider (LSP) with a full-time team of 15 people. Our number of freelancers, translators, and voice-over artists currently stands at 800, and it continues to grow daily on a global scale. We decided to close our physical office in 2020 and continue operating with a remote work model starting the year 2020. We continue to sustain our presence as a company with high international visibility, closely following and utilizing technology, and placing development at the forefront of everything we do. Our commitment to progress drives us forward to achieve even greater accomplishments.

We are looking for an experienced and fast-paced Translation Project Manager who will be responsible for the whole process from initiating requests to completing projects, and a leader in the translation and localization services sector.



The qualifications that we look for and our expectations are as follows:

  • Previous experience as a Project Manager at a language service provider,
    Graduation from a department such as Translation and Interpretation, Linguistics,  Philology, Cultural Studies, Literature, or Comparative Literature,

  • Proficiency in effectively using various CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools,

  • Enjoying multitasking and being able to prioritize tasks,

  • Having attention to detail and naturally noticing the finer points,

  • Being successful in time management,

  • Being available to work during our weekday office hours and collaborating harmoniously with the HeliCo team members.

The roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager:

  • Project Planning: To organize and plan translation projects, including setting timelines, assigning tasks to translators, and establishing project milestones.

  • Communication: To coordinate with clients, translators, and other team members such as Project Coordinator and Lead Linguist to ensure clear communication throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Fast-paced Working: To respond promptly to emails and be agile in typical daily tasks of Translation Project Management.

  • Resource Allocation: To assign translation and interpretation tasks to suitable translators and interpreters based on language expertise, subject matter knowledge, and availability.

  • Budget Management: To monitor project budgets, track expenses, and ensure projects are delivered within the allocated budget.

  • File Management: To handle the organization, storage, and retrieval of project-related files, documents, and reference materials.

  • Technology Utilization: To utilize Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools effectively to enhance translation efficiency and maintain translation memories for future projects.
    Issue Resolution: To proactively identify and address potential project issues and risks. Resolve any project-related challenges that arise during the translation process.

  • Client Engagement: To collaborate with clients to understand their specific requirements and expectations. Ensure client satisfaction through regular updates and effective project delivery.


We offer some opportunities for our Project Managers:

  • Remote Work: While working at HeliCo, you won't have to deal with commuting every day. You can work from anywhere that meets our working conditions within our office hours.

  • Personal and Professional Development: We have a work culture that focuses on continuous improvement. From the day you join our team, we offer a development program to enhance your skills and abilities.

  • Work Experience: Working with internationally recognized clients will provide you with world-class work experience.

  • Dynamic Team: Our team consists of individuals who value speed, minimizing errors, and prioritizing growth. We swiftly implement technological and industry advancements, and having colleagues with similar mindsets opens up various opportunities for you.

  • Advanced Team Structure: Our team has clearly defined communication channels, information flow, and responsibilities, ensuring a smooth workflow.

  • Clear Tasks and Responsibilities: At HeliCo, everything is clear for you. Your responsibilities are well-defined and documented in our team's internal procedures.

  • Social Insurance: HeliCo is a company that values its employees' needs. Ensuring the legal rights and protections of our team is of utmost importance to us.


After officially starting to work together, you will undergo a training process that typically lasts for 1-4 weeks. During this period, you will complete your training by following the videos and written materials we have prepared specifically for your position. During your training, we will conduct 2-4 question-and-answer sessions to address any inquiries or clarifications you may have. During your first 2 months, you will be on a probationary period. In this period, we will work together to create a working schedule that allows you to adapt to your new role seamlessly. We conduct periodic evaluation meetings to assess your progress and performance. After the second month and depending on your progress, we will fully transition the tasks and responsibilities of your position to you.

Question 1: Should I have previous experience in the translation or localization services sector?
Answer 1: We expect that you are familiar with the details of the services provided in our sector.

Question 2: Can you briefly describe your company's work culture?
Answer 2: Our company embraces a work culture that is based on collaboration among team members. At HeliCo, we encourage teamwork, evaluate innovative ideas, and prioritize the development of our employees' skills.

Question 3: Can you tell me about your remote work approach?
Answer 3: It is a remote and full-time position. In our remote work model, you can work from anywhere you choose, as long as you can provide the necessary working conditions (a distraction-free environment and a reliable internet connection). When you start working with us full-time, you will become an employee with benefits, not an independent contractor. We work from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on weekdays. We dedicate weekends to ourselves and our loved ones by not working during that time.


Please understand that we will only get back to you if you can meet the requirements for this position. Please feel free to send your applications with your resume, motivation letter, and reference letter(s) to


We are eagerly looking forward to having you among us!

The HeliCo Team


Any questions before you apply?

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