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In 2013, our paths intersected with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a pioneer in global cloud computing. This collaboration marked a pivotal moment for HeliCo in helping global clients. With our expertise in translation and MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing), we undertook the mission of ensuring AWS's cutting-edge solutions resonated effectively across diverse audiences and languages utilizing the emerging MT (Machine Translation) technology in the utilization of which HeliCo pioneered in its service area.


Since our auspicious encounter in 2013, we have been dedicated to providing AWS with world-class translation and MTPE services. With over 20 million words expertly translated, 70% of which has undergone MTPE, our efforts consistently mirror AWS's technical excellence. Our detail-oriented approach integrates advanced translation technology with a team of skilled linguists, ensuring the seamless communication of AWS's message across multiple languages.

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Since our collaboration's inception in 2013, we've translated over 20 million words for AWS. Our specialized translation and MT post-editing services encompass six key languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Turkish. This extensive linguistic coverage has empowered AWS to effectively communicate their technical innovations to a global audience.


Since 2013, our partnership with AWS has borne exceptional fruit. Translating over 20 million words has played a pivotal role in reinforcing AWS's position as a global leader in cloud computing. By offering services in six key languages, AWS has been able to connect with a vast international audience with precision and impact. This not only solidifies their global presence but also cements their reputation as a trusted provider of cutting-edge technological solutions worldwide. Our collaboration stands as a testament to our commitment to supporting AWS in achieving unparalleled global success.

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Since 2017, our collaboration with Renault has played a pivotal role in fortifying their global outreach. Focusing on new car model launches and internal meetings, our mission was to deliver flawless interpretation services in English, Turkish, and French, while also providing essential transcreation support to enhance their launch campaigns.

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Our partnership, which began in mid-2022, introduced tailored copywriting services for Trendyol's German platform. With our Quality Assurance System and native German copywriters, we ensured high-quality content that resonated with the German audience, strengthening Trendyol's presence in the new market.

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Danfoss, a Danish pioneer in energy-efficient solutions, partnered with us in 2014 to translate over 2 million words, effectively promoting their innovative power and climate control technologies. We provided comprehensive solutions beyond traditional translation services, resulting in increased global presence, customer engagement, and market resonance for Danfoss.

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