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RSI Platforms
  • Remote Training

  • Remote Onboarding Events

  • Remote Internal Meetings

  • Online Meetings with Clients

  • Remote Calls for International Companies

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MULTILINGUAL ınterpretatıon
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What Is Interpretation Using RSI Platforms?

How Is Interpretation Performed By Using RSI Platforms?

What Equipment Is Needed?

What Does An Interpretation Coordinator Do?

Remote simultaneous interpreting, commonly called RSI, is simultaneously interpreting speeches or conversations from one language to another through an online platform and it is generally preferred for online or hybrid meetings, panel discussions, conferences, webinars, and more.


Getting interpretation using RSI platforms is beneficial and practical for the clients, interpreters, and organizers. Thanks to remote simultaneous interpretation through an RSI platform or apps like Zoom, you will hold remote events where participants can freely talk to each other as if they are speaking in the same language.


Remote interpretation can be performed by remote simultaneous interpreters who are already experienced in remote interpretation by using online platforms. This means that we can have interpreters work from anywhere in the world, which enables us to choose the most suitable remote simultaneous interpreter for your subject matter and target audience. Remote simultaneous interpretation gives you the flexibility to work with a higher number of interpreter options.


At remote events, online meeting platforms such as Zoom or RSI platforms specifically developed for remote interpretation enable you to hold your event, have attendees give speeches, show presentations, and listen to speeches or see and interact with each other thanks to interpretation. Online meeting apps or RSI platforms are developed in a way to be user-friendly and with a click of a couple up a couple of buttons, you can unmute and mute yourself to express yourself in your mother language and listen to interpreters while other attendees are speaking in their own languages.


During remote events, attendees can pick up their preferred mobile device (either phone, tablet, or laptop) and select the language they would like to listen to. With this real-time interpreting experience, attendees do not need to be provided with any special equipment to listen to interpretation as in on-site interpretation.

The equipment needed for interpretation using RSI platforms is minimal. You only need a stable internet connection and a computer or device with a microphone and a speaker. Our interpreters use specialized software and high-quality headsets to provide clear and accurate interpretation in real-time. Our team of experts will provide guidance on technical requirements and ensure a smooth interpretation experience at your remote event.


Additionally, RSI platforms let our Interpretation Coordinators have more control over our interpretation performance because they let us mute and unmute our interpreters, change channels they hear from or speak through, and send them group messages, which are not available on Zoom or other online meeting platforms. On the other hand, interpreters get to have an online environment to ease their communication with each other while working by mimicking their conditions at a physical event. All these features coming with RSI platforms reflect to you as seamless interpretation services with better coordination in the background.


Our Interpretation Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that the interpretation service runs smoothly during remote events. They work closely with you to understand your needs and provide appropriate solutions. During the event, a coordinator acts as a point of contact for you, manages the interpreters by constantly listening to the simultaneous interpretation, troubleshoots any technical issues, and ensures that the interpretation service is delivered to a high standard. Our Interpretation Coordinators have extensive experience in managing remote events and will provide excellent service to meet your interpretation needs.

Getting interpretation using RSI platforms is easy. Simply fill out a quote request form on our website, and we will provide a customized solution based on your needs. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by sending a customized message, and we will guide you through the process. We have already provided remote simultaneous interpretation services to hundreds of clients and it is time for you to try remote interpretation and ease your life.

By working with us, you can ensure that your interpretation needs are met to a high standard, with the help of our experienced team of a Vendor Manager, a Project Manager, a Project Coordinator as well as interpreters and coordinators. To get started, contact us today and experience the benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation for yourself.

How Do I Get This Service?

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Would you like to download Organizing Successful Remote Events with Interpretation? This guide was prepared with the knowledge and experience gained after successfully helping clients at thousands of remote events. Learn about all the best practices to succeed at your remote event!


How do participants access RSI platforms?

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Have simultaneous interpretation at your physical events.


Consecutive interpreters don't always have to stand next to you.


Have consecutive interpretation for your important meetings.


Show your videos to your audience in a different language.

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